Accredited Online Colour Therapy Course

Colours surround us in every aspect of our lives, yet how often do we give thought to the true meanings that they carry?  The colours we interact with can impact us on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level.


Colour Therapy is a natural therapy tool, which uses colours to restore or promote energy balance within an individual, by using colour, a form of energy, in which each colour has its own special vibration, quality and healing action. 


Colours operate on wavelengths which each have their own energy. Each colour of the rainbow resonates with the seven main chakras in the human body and specific body parts. It is important to understand that colours vibrate at a specific rate and those vibrations correspond to the inner vibrations of the body.  Different parts of the body respond to different colours, and when we are feeling ill, physically, emotionally or mentally, using the appropriate colour can restore balance to the affected area, therefore improving health and wellbeing.


In particular, a study published in the British Journal of Nursing in July 1999 suggests that the energy given off by a colour passes through the thalamus which is the part of the brain that either inhibits or enhances neurotransmitters that are linked to physiological aspects of stress. These brain connectors are often responsible for regulating heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure as well as other emotional and mental faculties of the body.


This stand-alone Colour Therapy Course can be used as an invaluable personal tool for anyone wishing to improve their moods and physical wellbeing by applying specific colours to their clothes and living, studying, working or relaxing spaces, or by any Complementary Therapist as an add-on to work together with any other form of Natural Therapy such as Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Reiki.



Subjects included in the Colour Therapy Course:


  • Principals and Philosophy

  • Auric Colours and Chakras

  • History of the Symbolism of Colour

  • Colour Counselling

  • Colour Visualisation

  • Healing Actions of Coloured Rays

  • Running a Colour Therapeutic Practise

  • Using Colour for Diagnosis

  • Colour Diet

  • Fragrance, Music and Colour

  • Colour Breathing

  • Colour Psychology

  • Therapeutic use of Colour

  • Polarising Energy

Colour Therapy Course

Cells communicate with each other using light energy. As the energy emitted by colour touches a cell, the cell responds by communicating the information transmitted by the colour’s energy to other cells often with physiological effects. Thus, colour is often used to heal the mind and the body.


Through conversation the therapist can establish the problem and follow with the most appropriate treatment, often used in conjunction with other forms of Complementary Therapy. 


All the Divine Soul Clinic Courses are available online. Intensive Seasonal Courses are available in Lisbon, Portugal. Please visit our Upcoming Events Page for information regarding future dates and locations.


Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an Internationally Accredited Diploma entitling them to practice.


On successful completion of any of the Divine Soul Clinic Courses, students will receive an Internationally Accredited Practitioner/Therapist Qualification Certificate approved by the IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists and get immediate access to the IICT Membership subscription and a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to practice their therapy legally.