Crystal healing is an art that has been used since the dawn of the human race.  It is a fact that crystals emit tiny electrical impulses which activate the human body's neurological system in a subtle manner. Different crystals possess their own unique energy signal, producing different effects.


Crystal Healing is the art of laying on stones (crystals and gems) in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centres and energy pathways.


These aspects of the body's energy field are also known as the aura, the chakras and the meridians.


Crystals are natural.  They are created from minerals deep inside the earth.  Each crystal has a unique healing property derived from the minerals from which it is composed.  The action of crystals may be described as subtle; nevertheless, crystals are capable of amplifying, focusing, directing, absorbing, diffusing and transmitting different levels of healing energy.


Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and mental harmony. It is in this state that the body experiences the perfect conditions to heal naturally.

Accredited Online Crystal Therapy Course

All the Divine Soul Clinic Courses are available via on-line live video classes directly with the teacher, where students can interact and ask all their questions. Intensive Seasonal Courses are available in London, UK, Lisbon, Portugal, Dublin, Ireland and Florianopolis, Brazil. Please visit our Upcoming Events Page for information regarding future dates and locations.


Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an Internationally Accredited Diploma entitling them to practice.


On successful completion of any of the Divine Soul Clinic Courses, students will receive an Internationally Accredited Practitioner/Therapist Qualification Certificate approved by the IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists and get immediate access to the IICT Membership subscription and a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to practice their therapy legally.   

This stand-alone course commences with the assumption of little or no knowledge by the student and progresses the individual to the level of a competent practitioner. It is also an excellent add-on to work together with any other form of Natural Therapy such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Reiki and Shiatsu.


Subjects included in the Course:


  • What is Crystal Healing

  • History of Crystal Healing

  • Crystals and Colour

  • The Subtle Body of Man

  • The difference between a Crystal and a Gemstone

  • The Crystals used in Healing

  • Mohs’ Scale of Hardness

  • Choosing Crystals

  • Cleansing Crystals

  • Attuning to a Crystal

  • Programming Crystals

  • Uses of Crystals and Gemstones

  • Energy Management

  • The Chakra System

  • Balancing the Chakras

Accredited Online Crystal Therapy Course

SELF-STUDY                      €100

TUTORED                          €200

LIVE                                    €350