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Should I choose Tutored or Self Study?


When you enrol for a Tutored Course you will be assigned a Personal Online Tutor. You will be given your Tutors name with your answer paper. At the end of lesson one, your answer paper is marked and returned to you. You will receive a percentage mark for each answer paper you submit, along with any helpful and relevant comments. Your Personal Tutor is there to assist you should you run into difficulties and will answer any study related questions. Simply email your question with your answer paper.


Our response time for tutored coursework is 3 - 5 working days excluding weekends and public holidays.


When you enrol for a Self Study Course you submit your work to the Self Study Team three answer papers at a time. Your work is assessed but you are not given a percentage mark. If you are making serious errors you will be asked to repeat the question. If you need 'occasional assistance' a member of the Self Study team will be available to help you by email. However students who are continually asking questions will be recommended to upgrade to Tutored.


Our response time for self study coursework is 4 - 6 working days excluding weekends and public holidays.


We recommend this much more economical system to students who already have Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification in any Complementary Therapy, are familiar with studying and require a minimum amount of feedback with their coursework. Self Study students usually have a broad background knowledge of the subject they are studying and are also familiar with studying methods in general.


Do you have any 'Sample Lessons' I can see before I enrol?


You are very welcome to request 'sample pages' from the courses that are of interest. Please email info@divinesoulclinic.com.


How difficult will it be to understand and learn from the course material?


As our courses are written especially for ‘distance learning’ everyone will find our coursework informative and enjoyable! Topics are covered with easy to understand explanations and where relevant, detailed diagrams accompany our course material.


How do I receive my coursework?


Course work is sent in emailed PDF format, which you save to the hard-drive of your computer. You can also print out your lessons to study away from your computer, if you prefer.


We send your coursework in Modules of 3 lessons at a time. Our procedures are laid down by the accrediting bodies who approve our courses. They stipulate that students’ work must either be marked or assessed, prior to us sending the next module.


Do I need to do any practical work?


With ALL Hands-On Therapy Courses such as Aromatherapy, Reiki and Yoga you will need to experiment the skills you are learning with other people.


Please arrange your own team of volunteers to coincide with your enrolment for any 'hands-on' therapy subject. We ask you to begin working with these people as soon as you commence your studies. You will need to put into practise every procedure that you are covering in your lessons. We advise you to select individuals who are close to you, whom you feel comfortable with, and who have no serious ailments. You will need detailed feedback from these volunteers to build your confidence, and perfect your techniques. Should you experience any problems during this initial period, this is the time to ask us for assistance. It is our role as 'professional trainers', to provide support on an on-going basis.


This is your opportunity to gain valuable 'hands on' experience, throughout your course, and, prior to working with your 'paying clients', once you have graduated.


How many Case Studies will I need?


We require a minimum of three 'case-studies' from you. These need to be written up and submitted to us prior to your final examination (theory). We provide everyone with guidelines, on how to conduct this Practical Work.

If you need additional assistance or advice, our team is at your disposal.


This really is the 'fun part' of your course, working with real people, assessing your own results, and obtaining feedback from your volunteers. Enjoy this vital part of your training, which will pay dividends later, in your career as a Professional Therapist.


Please note: Students who do not wish to submit a case study programme, for reasons of their own (i.e. disability, illness, etc.) will be awarded our accredited diploma, with the additional wording (Theory) added after the course title.


Do I need to purchase any textbooks to accompany the courses?


No. All course material is provided by us although we can recommend books of interest that you might purchase if you wish, but this is only if you wish to carry on reading about the subject.


Do you offer Workshops, Training Days and/or Mentoring?


Intensive practical courses and workshops in locations such as London, UK, Dublin, Ireland, Lisbon, Portugal, Brazil and the US are also available according to a minimum number of participants. We can also recommend Certified Therapists/Practitioners in locations close to you so you can get in touch with them and arrange training that suits you. This is however between you and that specific Training Provider, the Divine Soul Clinic’s role will limit itself to the recommendation of certain Training Providers.



Can I work as a Therapist, once I have completed any of your courses?


On successful completion of any of our courses, students will receive a 'Practitioner/Therapist level Qualification and Diploma'


What title would I use after graduating from your School?


How you decide to market yourself is your decision, whether it is therapist, advisor, consultant etc. However, as we train Practitioners, our graduates will call themselves Therapists in their particular field of specialisation. Some examples would be: Nutritional Therapist, Aromatherapist, Life Coaching Consultant, Colour and Crystal Healing Therapist etc.


Are your courses available everywhere in the world?


We provide our distance learning training all around the world. Wherever you are located you may study with us, no attendance is necessary. We provide coursework by emailed PDF files and live video classes.


Do I have to travel anywhere to study these courses?


There is no travelling involved. Students submit answers, by email, at the end of each lesson and again at the end of each course. Plus, there is a case study submission required for all practical 'hands on' therapies.


If I enrol for more than one course or a Course Pack, do I have to study all the subjects together?


You may complete your course subjects in any order that you choose. Some students prefer to take their courses one at a time, while others like to study them all together. The choice is yours.


Is there any way I can complete my Course in a shorter period of time?


Students who are able to dedicate 'full time' to their studies may wish for a 'speedier turn-around' of their coursework. To help, we have introduced a 'Fast Track Service' especially for you! To apply for this service you need to pay in full for your course/s when you enrol.


We have allocated a 'dedicated team member' to monitor this service. The additional fee is €100 per course. A '24 hour' turn-around is our aim. We work from Monday to Friday, so please send your 'Fast Track' coursework to us in good time, to avoid a delay over weekends and public holidays.


Is it possible to change my course selection once I have enrolled?


Yes, it is possible. However, there is an administration charge of €20 for each course changed, if not started. If you are not sure of all of your courses when you enrol, simply leave a note in the comments box on the enrolment form, to say that you will be deciding on other subjects at a later date.


What happens if I lose my course material?


We undertake to replace coursework for current students who have mislaid their lessons; that is those studying by email, who have not reached final exam stage. An administration charge may be applied; this will be advised at the time of application. Current charges are a minimum of €20 for each module/part of the course.


Why are your course fees so much more reasonable than others?


We are passionate about making these courses affordable for everyone. With our marketing strategy it is highly unlikely that you will find accredited courses of this level, at more reasonable fees.


Do you publish your Terms and Conditions?


Yes we do. The Divine Soul Clinic is a helpful and friendly organisation which will always do its best to help its students, however the Terms & Conditions, as set out on this website define our legal position. By applying to become a student, or by using our website, you agree to be legally bound by our Terms & Conditions.


We also have a Privacy Policy. When using this website, or enrolling on our courses, your privacy is completely protected. Your name, email address, and personal information are strictly confidential. They will never be shared with or sold to any third party.