Flower Essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. The first 38 Flower Remedies to be used were formulated by the British physician Doctor Edward Bach in the 1930's and new remedies from other plant species are now available.


The entire portfolio brought to us today has been researched and developed for the unique healing power, to address, heal and improve a number of different states of mind by balancing emotions and restoring healthy states of mind.


Our state of mind can many times be the primary trigger and cause of illness and Flower Remedies work on an energy level, unblocking internal flow of energy vibrations through your body, allowing the body’s natural tendencies towards harmony to be restored. 


It’s interesting to note how Flower essences can work in two ways: they can help people who suffer from physical illness by addressing the emotional responses to the illness, and they can help by working with the underlying conflicts and tensions that may have contributed to the onset of the illness.


Since using Flower Remedies in your daily routine is absolutely safe and actually extremely helpful, these valuable balancing tools can be prescribed by practitioners or simply self-researched and purchased.


 "Heal Thyself" is the very essence of the Flower Remedy philosophy.


To understand how flower essences work requires a recognition that the human being is more than a physical body, but also incorporates a "body" of life energy, a "body" of sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual essence or Self. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of flowers, which interact with these subtle bodies of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us working through the through the medium of ingestion.




Once you have completed this course you will be fully equipped to practise your therapy with yourself, friends and family and even professionally. However at this stage, serious students wishing to practise their skills with regular patients are recommended to go on to take our Advanced Flower Remedies course. This will expand your knowledge even further and will provide you with the knowledge that you need to practise as a Professional Therapist.


Subjects included in the Flower Remedies Course:


  • Dr. Edward Bach

  • The Bach Flower Remedies

  • How Remedies Work?

  • Choosing the Right Remedies

  • The Remedies in Practise

  • Holistic Approach

  • Experiences in Treatment

  • How the Remedies can Help You, Your Family and Friends

  • Flower Essences and Counselling

All the Divine Soul Clinic Courses are available online and Intensive Seasonal Courses are available in Lisbon, Portugal. Please visit our Upcoming Events Page for information regarding future dates.


Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an Internationally Accredited Diploma entitling them to practice.


On successful completion of any of the Divine Soul Clinic Courses, students will receive an Internationally Accredited Practitioner/Therapist Qualification Certificate approved by the IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists and get immediate access to the IICT Membership subscription and a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to practice their therapy.