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“The child must be taught that true religion is to give service, to ignore all the elaborate phrase-making of priestcraft, and to live an honest, unselfish life, desiring to help the world in which it dwells and so be true to the Great Spirit of Whom it is an integral part.”


Silver Birch


I hope you are well.

My name is Matilde and I’m just another human being like all the rest of us. 

The answer to the question about what defines me is not straight forward. I am a combination of several different life times, an old soul, but always very young at heart :) Ultimately you can say I am a child of God.

Born a natural medium I have always been familiar with the spiritual world, the other side of the veil, and have always strived to find balance in between my heartfelt desire to bring peace and harmony to all of us as a whole, and my own personal life and career.

I'll tell you a bit more about me. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1980 and English is actually my first language since I went to St. Julian’s School at the age of three. Having worked in the Creative Industry for over fifteen years and being a Yoga and Meditation practitioner since adolescence, I’ve always had a secret passion about the complexity (or simplicity) of life, the Human Being, Holistic Health, Philosophy, Psychology, Art, Communication and all the subliminal influences we go through whichever our geographical or cultural background is. 

Having said this, I’ve always travelled a lot across different countries and continents of the world, both working as a volunteer in humanitarian initiatives and actually living in countries such as Portugal, the UK, Africa, Malta and Brazil. After graduating in Business Management, I studied Chinese Medicine, Anatomy, almost every different Religion out there, Philosophy, Mediumship and Spirituality, Reiki, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Colour Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Psychology and  Life Coaching.

Living in London, UK, for five years, I became a Reiki Therapist and Spiritual Healer and also worked as a volunteer counsellor with people from all the walks of life and cultural backgrounds until I decided to come back to Lisbon, Portugal.


One day, while contemplating all that surrounds us, and how it seems to me that everyone can sail smoothly through the ups and downs of life and still enjoy the beautiful journey life is, I relocated back to Portugal and created the Divine Soul Clinic. 

For me, Naturopathy and Spirituality are Complementary Medicine rather than an Alternative Medicine, as many may still refer to it. If, on the one hand, it's true that the pharmacy "classic" occupied a prominent place for nearly a century, with the results it yielded in many areas, on the other hand it was, little by little, letting appear undesirable side effects and sometimes even harmful side effects, urging prudence and guiding us back to nature.

I believe, there is room for each one of them in the therapeutic arsenal that we have today. This is why we can now speak of two types of medicines: drugs whose action, fast and powerful, help heal a strong momentary condition, and natural remedies and therapies, that promote health maintenance, prevent disease, treat chronic conditions as well as psychological symptoms, with its smoother but long lasting effects.

In this line of thought, all the Divine Soul Clinic courses and treatments respect both the principles of Naturopathic Medicine, our main motivation and gratification source, and the principles of Conventional Medicine, which without we couldn’t have overcome so many illnesses. At the end of the day, we are all grateful for all the Medicine that helps us heal mind, body and spirit as a whole. With this we hope to bring positive changes to everyone’s life in particular and to our planet as a whole.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best Wishes,

Matilde de Melo

“What your world needs is not some high-flown, theological, abstract collection of doctrines, but a few simple truths enthroned in the hearts of most religions, taught by those who were inspired by the power of the spirit in days gone by, that all mankind is part of one another, that beneath our physical differences there is a common bond of the spirit which united us all.”

Silver Birch