“And gradually, as the great sun of life moves through the heavens of the Great Spirit, so the majesty of life comes to its fullest. Throughout the whole world of matter there is a great cloud of discontent. There will come the spring of dreams and the summer of fulfilment.

It will come quickly or slowly as the children of the Great Spirit exercise their free will. But wherever in the world of matter one person strives to uplift one other person, then behind her there will be thousands of spirits who will try to make her victory a greater one. No effort for good can ever be lost. No desire to serve can ever be wasted.”

Silver Birch

Multidimensional Therapy is a wonderful spiritual healing process that works with the integral healing of your four bodies – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. It uses the heart chakra energy as a multidimensional portal through which we can have access to the other dimensions of the universe.

Put simply, everything that blocks us and prevents us from fully exercising our potential on earth can be cured by this form of therapy. Multidimensional Therapy, which can also be called ‘Healing by the Heart’ plays an extraordinary role in the process of your ascension to the fifth dimension and the feeling of being at peace with where you stand in life.

This therapy is led directly by the beings of light that will act on your body, mind and soul, improving several situations of your life, according to your free will, your individual merit and your needs in terms of spiritual evolution. The therapist works as an intermediary energy channel between the patient and the Beings of Light. Its scope of action covers all matters of the psychic and spiritual world, working various aspects of the being such as confidence, ‘inner child’, the ‘shadow archetype’, and many other aspects. 

Some of the benefits of Multidimensional Therapy include:

Energy Cleansing and Rebalancing

Healing of Personal, Loving and Professional Relationships by transforming feelings of insecurity, jealousy or fear into a positive and confident attitude.

Healing of Lack of Self-Esteem /Insecurity /Dependance of External Approval by rebalancing self-esteem and self-confidence, allowing individuals to express their individuality, explore all their possibilities in this dimension, and manifest a full life.

Healing of Repetitive Patterns and Limiting Beliefs.

Clarity to Resolve Issues and Make Decisions.

Opening of Spiritual Paths /Soul Rescue /Mission Rescue.

Resolution of Karmic Situations.

Overcoming Loss (or the possibility of loss) of a loved one (mourning, divorce) or a job.

Eliminating Procrastination.

Overcoming the so-called ‘dark night of the soul’, a phase of life in which one begins to undress from his old self to make room for a more evolved self, but still is not clear which way to go in terms of profession or personal relationships.

Forgiveness of Oneself and Others, freeing oneself from guilt and anger.

Healing of Undercurrent Emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, apathy, lack of energy.

Healing of Traumas that result in panic attacks, feelings of anxiety or nervousness.

Overcoming Disputes over inheritances /sharing /guardianship and difficult separations.

Healing of the Inner Child and what is involved with it (abandonment by parents, rejection, violence).

Harmonisation of Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Bodies.

Termination of Contracts and Vows such as poverty and chastity made in this life or in past lives when the person belonged to a certain religious order for example and that are now interfering with the person’s success in love or career.

Healing of Thought Patterns or Unhealthy Habits related to money, prosperity and abundance.

The way Multidimensional Therapy works, session after session, harmonising a person with the concept of unity and universal love, creates a new reality focused on love and light, that will lead you to a happier, more peaceful and prosperous life.

“Let us all pause to attune ourselves to the mighty universe, to the fountain of all wisdom, to the divine mind, that we may refresh ourselves and gain strength, that we may bather ourselves in its wisdom, that we may receive direction, purpose and understanding.”

Silver Birch

Image by Guillaume Briard