“Sometimes the spirit gets crushed and cannot rise above the surrounding circumstances, but if you had absolute faith you could rise above all the troubles of your world.


You would turn your faces to the sun, which is but an emblem of the Great Spirit and say: ‘I am part of the Great Spirit. I am indestructible. I am eternal. I am infinite. That which is finite and part of the world of matter cannot touch me.’ If you did that, you would not be touched.”

Silver Birch

Reiki is an Energy of Healing, Light and Unconditional Love that exerts an enormous power of transformation over our lives. It means, King - Universal, Cosmic, Ki - Individual Vital Energy.

Everything is energy, the Universe is energy, we are energy, our organs are made up of energy atoms and molecules; objects, buildings, nature, animals, everything is energy.


Our body, in addition to radiating the energy we know, breathes and feeds on energy, even our thoughts emit energy. This energy is the Source of Life and has as many designations as the civilisations that have ever existed.

The Polynesian Huns call it Mana, the American Iroquois Indians call it Orenda, it's called Prana in India, Ruach in Hebrew, Shack in Islamic Countries, Penuma in Greek, Ch'i in China and Ki in Japan. It is the energy that our body, mind and spirit produces that determines the state of health.

In this context, Reiki is a method of natural healing that works through the activation and channeling of Pure Universal Energy, after a process of attunement with a person already initiated in this method of channeling energy.

This Universal Energy or “White Light” enters the Crown Chakra (top of the head) and descends, circulating, unlocking, clearing and rebalancing the following Chakras. The first Chakra to be purified is the Heart Chakra, which regulates our emotional balance, immediately providing a feeling of lightness that will allow the free circulation of Pure Universal Energy through all the other chakras, which will provide a complete energetic balance and energy flow.

In turn, this energetic balance and sense of harmony, will help the correct functioning or even recovery of all our organs, strengthen our immune system and provide mental clarity so that we can process all situations and information with greater capacity for discernment.

It is important to note that Universal Energy is endowed with its own intelligence, so in Reiki there is no danger of stimulating a certain part of the organic and energetic body with greater or lesser intensity as the energy will circulate and be distributed in the areas where it is most needed, always respecting the Yin and Yang balance of our physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies, providing a complete balance of body, mind and spirit.

In my particular case, being a spontaneous medium since a very young age, it is natural that I will receive messages during treatments since whenever I put myself at the service of the Divine Plan as an instrument, I am accompanied by Spirits of Higher Plans who have a vision of the past, present and future, totally free of our limitations and individual perspectives, always shaped by a series of socio-cultural factors.

It can also happen, when allowed, that a loved one with a connection to you manifests to bring you news "from the other side of the veil" and, in most cases, if some wandering spirit accompanies you, he or she will be directed to the Light by Spiritual Guides and Mentors.

In reality, what is intended at Divine Soul Clinic is that you have a session of Integral Healing since an Energetic or Spiritual Cleansing without the proper final rebalancing would not be complete. In this way, whenever necessary, the treatment starts with a cleansing of denser energies and after the physical and spiritual organism is rebalanced so that you can actually leave the session completely harmonised. It is during, or at the end, of the rebalancing process that the messages of the Beings of Light, who always accompany us with lots of love and compassion, are often transmitted.

Above all, whatever your case or specific need, Reiki therapy will give you an enormous feeling of peace and well-being, it will be a welcoming experience of comforting and revitalising your integral health so that you can continue your journey feeling lighter and more in tune with the whole. For more information about booking a healing session or enrolling in a Reiki Course, feel free to get in touch. Love and Light.

“There are various ways of curing illness. The most satisfactory method is to end the faulty alignment of mind, body and spirit and allow a harmonious expression, and health automatically results.”

Silver Birch