Yoga, being far more than an exercise, is a therapy that aims to unite the mind, body and soul. Most yoga styles are derived from hatha yoga, and focus on the body, breath and our energy centres, helping us develop control of both body and mind through poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayamas).


Hatha represents the two sides of life – the yin and the yang, the dark and the light – and aims to bring these two sides into harmony and balance. All styles of yoga balance the body, mind and spirit but how they do so may differ. Some styles focus more on the poses, strength and flexibility, while others may focus more on breathing patterns, alignment or the flow of movement.


Breathing is very important in yoga as the breath signifies your vital energy and being able to control your breath can help you control your body and your mind. No matter which style of yoga you choose there are many classes available, all presenting a wide list of far ranging and plentiful benefits.

Benefits of Yoga


Following is just some of the things that yoga can help you with:


  • Increased Flexibility

  • Increased Strength and Vitality

  • Improved Concentration and Focus

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Strengthening of the Immune System

  • Improving of Circulatory System

  • Stimulating of Endocrine System

  • Stretching and Toning of Muscles

  • Weight loss and Sliming Silhouette

  • Balance and Correct Posture

  • Management of chronic health conditions such as asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

  • Connection of our physical, mental and spiritual selves



It is a stand-alone Yoga Course aimed at anyone who wishes to obtain competence in starting to practise or teach Hatha Yoga. Specific Yoga and Yoga Therapy Workshops as well as Advanced Yoga Courses will soon be available the Divine Soul Clinic. Once you experience life with Yoga, you’ll never want to go a day without it. Enjoy. Namastê.


Subjects included in the Course:


  • The Yoga Principle

  • Basic Postures

  • Warm up & Relaxation Techniques

  • Seated Postures: The Right Angle, The Disciple, Easy Posture, Siamese etc

  • Kneeling Postures: The Diamond, Japanese, Thunder bolt.

  • Leg Postures and Stretches

  • Breathing, nose, relaxed/easy breathing, ribcage breathing, top breathing, the breathing umbrella, deep breathing and the throat sound.

  • Breath retention, rhythmic breathing, balanced breathing, square breathing, alternate nostril breathing

  • The breathing sequence, cleansing breaths, standing Ha breath

  • Seated cleansing breath – Prana

  • Basic stretch, the forward droop, the backward arch, standing warm-up routine, spinal rolls, the rolling ball, simple sideways rolls, prone lifts

  • Body Movement, bottom shuffle, the scissors, the bear walk, salute to the sun, tree, wide leg stretch, standing head to knee pose, warrior pose 1 and 2, sideways leg stretch, triangle, gate, camel, forward bend, forward bend over one leg, cobra, locust, the bow, dog, leg raising, head stand etc.


Yoga Intensive Course


The great thing about yoga is that anyone can practice it, as there is a style to suit everybody. Whether you want to keep fit, simply learn about Yoga, Meditation and Flexibility, relieve stress and promote peacefulness, strengthen your Immune System and vitality or seriously engage in the world of Yoga and start a career, this Yoga Course is your starting point.


We offer a simply and practical Yoga Course that is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds by covering the basics of practicing Yoga to obtain all the benefits it has to offer through the principles of Yoga. You will be enlightened by the techniques, and postures, together with stretching exercises, that will improve your flexibility, tone the body and enhance your mind. In it, we include a detailed routine, which is easy to follow, bringing the benefits of "relieving stress" and "clearing the mind".

All the Divine Soul Clinic Courses are available online and Intensive Seasonal Courses are available in Lisbon, Portugal. Please visit our Upcoming Events Page for information regarding future dates.


Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an Internationally Accredited Diploma entitling them to practice.


On successful completion of any of the Divine Soul Clinic Courses, students will receive an Internationally Accredited Practitioner Qualification Certificate approved by the IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists and get immediate access to the IICT Membership subscription and a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to practice their therapy.